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Residents are increasingly becoming estranged from one another and a number of (music) events are in dire straits. The challenge that the town of Linter has set itself is to solve this problem via an annual event. Linter wants to ease integration into the countryside through sport and music. With a ‘running concert’ where runners run through the heart of the village, through historic buildings and orchards, and discover the countryside in their neighbourhood. In the afternoon Linter will organise a magical festival with local snacks and drinks. The goal is to work together with newcomers and locals on the preservation of rural values. This unique experience forges and strengthens a unique identity.

Initiator: Town Council of Linter             

LEADER subsidy: € 28,629.00                     

Contact: Katrien Bruyninckx, Bruno Buteneers, Kathleen Heij - 011 78 93 58 , 011 78 93 77, 011 78 93 62 -;;

Duration: 2016-